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Privacy Policy

Last updated on 16th May 2022

Warmly welcome to the (Called as the “V R Website”), owned and operated by the V R ALL IN ONE CLICK (PVT) LTD company. Please go through our Privacy Policy carefully before using this website, because by accessing you accept that you have read, understand, acknowledge and agree to be bound by them.

We are committed to provide a secured and unique marketplace for all our customers. In order to support that commitment, we have put in place some rules and policies which govern our said expectations for customers and the actions we are going to take in order to protect and keep them safe.

Some of below policies reflect local legal requirements, while others are based on our experience of how to protect everyone using V R services well. By becoming familiar with and following our policies, you all help us to maintain a safe environment for everybody who using the site. In this section you will find all information on items that can or cannot sold, guidelines to create and maintaining things, details on how we protect your personal data and many more.

  • Collecting and Using Personal Information

By personal information we means personally identifiable information such as you provide via “contact us”, “sign up for a membership” or another fields including name, email, postal address, contact number or whatever requested there.

We use collected personal information to respond your inquiries, to achieve your requests, to send you marketing information, to personalized your experience with “V R Website”, to verify your identity as and when required, to allow you to proceed with the buying or selling activities, for risk control, for fraud detection and prevention in order to comply with laws, legal process and other related regulations.


In order to provide a better marketplace to you, we may share some of your personal information with our affiliates, so that they can serve you more efficiently. Also we may share the information with our service providers to conduct “V R Website” operations smoothly. Finally we will share your personal information to a lawful order issued by a court, a government institute, a regulated authority or any other entity as permitted by law.

  • Linking to other websites


As ongoing marketing tools site may contain links or references to third party websites, which may not investigated or controlled by us. If you follow those links you do so at your own risk and it is your sole responsibility to review their privacy and security policies together with other terms and conditions. V R ALL IN ONE CLICK (PVT) LTD company or shall not guarantee or accountable for the privacy or security of those websites, including their accuracy, contents and reliability.

  • Underage User Policy


Because products and services on involve entering into a contract, we require all our members should be over 18 years old. This is in order to help and protect buyers and sellers, as well as underage users.


  • Sign up for “V R Website” member account


To sign up for “V R Website” member account all you need is your email address. Once your account is ready you can enjoy all the benefits of being a “V R Website” member including watch up large number of items you are considering buying. After your registration with the “V R Website”, you can sign in to your account as and when you are looking to buy and sell. Signing in gives you more personalized shopping experience where you can keep track of all your activities, items you have saved, and your favorite sellers and searches.


  • Protect “V R Website” member account


The safety of “V R Website” members is one of our top priorities. In order to comply with that, we have taken several steps to help members to ensure the security of their accounts. To keep your “V R Website” member account secure and prevent from being hacked, we recommend you to Change your password regularly, Check the accuracy of your contact information frequently and be alert for the signs of spoof emails which are intend to access members’ accounts and other sensitive information.


If you experience your account has been hacked, change your password immediately. But if you cannot sign in for same, contact us as soon as possible and we will help you to secure your account.


  • “V R Website” member accounts holds, restrictions and suspensions


To protect our community we may occasionally hold, restrict or suspend “V R Website” member accounts if we are noticed about fraud or other negative impacts to our valuable members. Also note most of the times buyers and sellers need to be able to get in touch with each other as well we also need to be able to contact our members. So if your “V R Website” member account contains false contact information kindly refrain from using your account and do the corrections immediately, because failing to do so will lead to suspend your account.


If we have placed a hold or suspension on your account, we have also sent you an email clarifying the reasons for what was happened and what you should do to have your account restored.


  • Guidelines for Buyers


If you are a buyer, we request you to go through and get clear understand of our policies, including the “V R Website” Terms & Conditions before you place your order.


By placing a bid or buying an item, we assume that you are agreeing to all of our rules and policies, including the Terms & Conditions.


According to our policies as a buyer you should follow local laws and regulations, minimize risks to sellers, make sure that no one has an unfair advantage from the deal, create an enjoyable selling experience and as well as protect intellectual property rights.


We don’t let our buyers to make unreasonable demands from sellers.


As a buyer by placing a “Buy Now” order, you are undertake to purchase the item unless it is materially different from the description provided by the seller on “V R Website”.


As a buyer you should make sure that you have read the description of items you are going to buy before you place the order. Many of the problems arise between buyers and sellers are just because of simple misunderstandings about what is for sale and the terms of the sale. Be sure to bid on or buy an item only if you can meet the requirements described in the product listing. does not offer any guarantees that sellers have been truthful or accurate in their product listings, items are have in stock, sellers will accept the return of an item or provide any refunds. is not responsible for any losses, damages or delays occurred as a result of items being unavailable or for any other reason as well as any kind of unsatisfactory or delayed performance by seller.


  • Guidelines for Sellers


If you are a seller, we request you to go through and get clear understand of our policies, including the “V R Website” Terms & Conditions before you listing an item for sale.


By listing an item for sale, we assume that you are agreeing to all of our rules and policies, including the Terms & Conditions.


According to our policies as a seller you should follow local laws and regulations, minimize risks to buyers, make sure that no one has an unfair advantage from the deal, create an enjoyable buying experience and as well as protect intellectual property rights.


As a seller by listing an item for sale on “V R Website”, you undertake that you have lawful right, necessary legal registrations and license to sell the advertised item and to pay any taxes due if and when the item is sold.


Also the seller undertakes to accept the delivery of items ordered by buyers using “V R Website” Buy Now option, unless the items are out of stock and to provide the items for delivery that match the order in terms of quality and quantity as advertised in the listing. Moreover it is the responsibility of seller to properly pack and prepare the item for a safe delivery.


The seller undertakes to accept the payment of the item price, minus the service charge, within a reasonable timeframe upon successful completion of the deal as well as to pay a return fee for return of an item when a buyer is unwilling or unavailable to purchase same due to any reasonable fact. reserves the right to delete any ads upon refusal or fail of the delivery of items as listing. does not provide any guarantees that buyers will complete the transactions successfully.


  • Identity Policy


We are dedicated to keep our marketplace a safe and secure place for all our members. In order to validate the identity of our buyers and sellers, we request our members to adhere to certain policies and procedures. When you are sign up with “V R Website” member account, you are agreeing to the terms of our user agreement as well as privacy policy.


Furthermore to make sure all activities go smoothly, it is compulsory to provide up-to-date and accurate contact information such as name, address, phone number and valid email address so we can easily communicate with you.


  • Updates to this Privacy Policy


This Policy is subject to change as and when necessary. Therefore, make sure to review it periodically. If we make changes to this Policy, we will revise the “Last Updated Date” at the top of this Policy. Any changes to this Policy will become effective at the same time we post the revised Policy on our “V R Website”. Your use of the “V R Website” with these changes means that you have read and accept the revised Policy as well. reserve the right to suspend, limit or withdraw the access to “V R Website” and / or “V R Website” member account of any user who does not comply with the above policies and terms.

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